Field Work in Kilifi, Kenya, 2015

In 2015, through the generous support of the Foundation for Endangered Languages, IPF embarked on a project aimed at developing materials for the revitalization and preservation efforts of the Waata language, spoken by nearly 13,000 indigenous peoples living in territorial groups on the coast of kenya.  Although the language is actively used in everyday conversations, there's a concern by the community members that its not being transmitted to the younger members who are increasingly turning to the neighboring Pokomo and Kamba languages. Also, the movement and dispersed settlements of the Waata community has led to a gradual diminishing of the native speakers of the language. The project resulted into a video and a publication of the Waata Dialect booklet. The Waata community will benefit from this short documentary while using it as a reference point regarding thier language and cultural heritage.

Our Purpose

With input from knowledgeable members of the communities to whom we serve, we define and implement indigenous peoples priorities for economic, social and cultural development and environmental protection, based on their traditional cultures, knowledge and practices, and the implementation of their inherent right to self-determination.