Our Partners

All our partners are grassroots organizations that work to promote and protect indigenous peoples way of life. Below are a few of the organizations that we work with;

  • SOS Rassismus und Diskriminierung Schweiz an international human rights organization based in Zurich, Switzerland focusing on conflict resolution. IPF is involved in a number of activities with SOS Rassismus among them campaigns related to Racism, Discrimination, Intolerance and Structural Violence.
  • Foundation For Endangered Languages - We are partnering on the documentation of Waata Language and Cultural Practices. The Project is aimed at developing materials that will be necessary in the revitilization and preservation efforts of Waata language, which is spoken by nearly 12,582 indigenous people living in territorial groups at the coast of Kenya. 
  • a4ID - Advocates for International Development, a group of international lawyers working to eradicate poverty.
  • The Genographic Project. A research initiative that gathers and analyze data in collaboration with indigenous and traditional peoples around the world. We are partnering on the documentation of the Munyoyaya language and cultural practices. An activity that will help revitalize and preserve this critically endangered language spoken by about 1,600 hunter gatherers living in territorial groups among the Swahili people at the Kenyan coast in Lamu and Tana River County

Our Purpose

With input from knowledgeable members of the communities to whom we serve, we define and implement indigenous peoples priorities for economic, social and cultural development and environmental protection, based on their traditional cultures, knowledge and practices, and the implementation of their inherent right to self-determination.