At IPF, we give all our volunteers opportunities to enhance their growth and expand their networks. All our volunteers leave behind an indelible mark that is forever stamped on our activities. Through your invaluable acts of charity, either as a translator, editor, content manager, researcher, data entry clerk, database manager, resource mobilizer, event planner, blogger or community mobilizer our forums and activities are kept are alive and lively.

When you volunteer with us;

  • You get an opportunity to give back to community through our call for social justice.
  • You build your resume as your professional network expands
  • You learn new skills as you grow with our team of experts
  • You initiate beneficial relationships with like-minded people
  • You access resources pertaining to the indigenous peoples movement

How to volunteer

To join our team of volunteers, simply check on the available positions, fill out our online application form then click submit.

  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Researcher
  • Database Manager
  • Grant and Proposal Developer/Resource Mobilizer
  • Social Media Outreach Officer/Blogger
  • Community Mobilizer
  • Content Manager/Editor

Our Purpose

With input from knowledgeable members of the communities to whom we serve, we define and implement indigenous peoples priorities for economic, social and cultural development and environmental protection, based on their traditional cultures, knowledge and practices, and the implementation of their inherent right to self-determination.